Thursday, 3 August 2017

Hello friends

The weather is playing its game, sometimes its hot sometimes its raining! we girls get  so confuse in this sort of weather, actually its not fair with us, we don't understand what sort of makeup should be applied so that we look great all the time without touchups

Office and parties everywhere we love to look presentable, In this sort of weather girls you really need to keep your makeup light and minimal. Don't put lot of heavy makeup which get's destroyed either due to rains or humidity, If you will keep it light and subtle surely you wont face any such issues

So here are some makeup tips to beat the heat with confidence


Don't apply too much of foundation everyday that will make your skin dry and maybe some of you get pimples as well, go for light and smooth BB/CC creams

In this hot weather go for thin eyeliners which don't get smudge or keep it really simple by applying only mascara. If you want to keep your eyes clean and kohl free then you can go for some mascara and a good lipshade that will give you an amazing look

subtle eye makeup

 Enhancing lips with a great lipcolour is important to look good but always apply shades according   to your skintone and weather. According to me opt for some light or nude shades, They will go perfect in your daily office look, If you are planning to attend a party then you can apply dark shades but try to avoid lipcolours which are too vibrant.

Hair Care
Try to manage your hair in summer's, Its really important to maintain your hair in this scorching heat. Don't leave them open all the time try to tie them in a nice bun or a ponytail and keep yourself free from managing those long locks. Oiling is must to avoid hairfall



Messy bun

      Open hair absorb lot of heat which make you sweat even more tied hair will never bother you as well as you will feel less heat.So girls take care of yourself and as I always say 

                                                                Be Classy Be You

Monday, 1 May 2017

Marriages are made in heaven(Jodia upar vala banata hai) We all have heard this so many times right! In India marriage is such a long and lavishing process, We spend lot of money, energy and efforts for this sort of extravaganza but on other hand this is very special for Girls like us. Girls make lot of plans from their parlor's to their lehnga's and why not they need to look special for sure

Usually I have always seen bride in red and mahroon lehnga with lot of heavy jewelry but Don't you think that in today's time when we think more about comfort we should go lil easy with our bridal lehnga also?

Firstly we should break this rule of wearing only red and mahroon lehnga, (There is no dictionary saying that a bride will be considered good looking only in red lehnga and heavy jewelry) Actually  you girls should try some other colors for your very special day because whether its marriage or any other occasion you should always be a center of attraction .You need to look astonishing on your day and for that you have to think a little before buying your lehnga

 So my pretty ladies keep in mind following points while shopping for your special day

1) Try to avoid red or mahroon colors and go for pastel colors

2) Go for light work lehnga (simple cholis and heavy lehnga) would be a  perfect combination

3) Don't overdu by wearing heavy jewelry and chooda, keep it simple and minimal

4) Girls if you really wanna buy red or mahroon lehnga then go for little light work or designs that will look great

5) Orange is new color for brides

6) Golden look Royal and very classy

So Girls tighten up your shoes and buck up your mind some more to buy your bridal lehnga keep important things in mind while shopping So shop smartly and look gorgeous afterall this day will not be repeated

                                         Be comfortable Be stylish and look great ❤❤❤ 

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Hello All

As summers have knocked down the doors it's time for us to take care of our wardrobe, "isn't it?
Nowadays we will  think a lot as what to wear to be comfortable, all 5W's and 1H will ro!am around in our mind!! In summers all we need is comfort, so I think this summer why not carry your style with comfort. Why not to wear something classy and interesting which give us comfort and stunning look as well. What say??"

According to me "Fashion is not to wear what everyone wants you to wear, fashion is to wear what you actually want to" So Girls go easy breezy with some Cool "Plazzos" this summer and become an astonishing Diva.

Plazzo Pants are so comfortable to wear and could be paired with anything, They are available in so many varieties and patterns. Just pair them with right combination and you are super ready. You can buy them either online or flee markets.

Team up these Plane Plazzo Pants with shirts,top,crop top etc. if you wanna wear them in office pair them with freely shirts and for informal outings go for fitted top. They are available in all colors straight as well as A-lines

Symmetrical printed Plazzos

These sort of Plazzos look gorgeous with tang top, Spaghetti top and Crop top

Love for plazzos in our Bollywood Divas

Our Bollywood divas are loving this new trend of Plazzos and the best part in wearing them is these could be worn by anyone like girls with short heights as  From slim to bulky girls everyone can carry them with same ease and confidence

High Waist Plazzos

High waist printed plazzos go great with bodycoon top

Plazzos in Traditional Style
Plazzos with Kurtis are all time favorite these look traditional as well as  elegant 

So all my lovely girls go and grab good pair of plazzos for yourself and beat the heat with style and comfort

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Hello, All my lovely Friends,

We all are very busy in our day to day lives. Every day, we experience some or the other things happening around us but we fail to notice.

Today, while on my way to office I saw youth of today wearing those Black & White shoes.  After looking at them the thing got struck to my mind is, why we always wear and follow the old boring style and trends?

We can actually wear something very Interesting, Classy and seeks the attention of the goers to which they see and say "Ohhh gosh" ,"I wish I'd the same like you are wearing".

Neon Pink women Nike sports Shoes 

Folks, It's not easy to carry something out of the box very easily. Be confident and go for some stylish Neon Color Shoes which will give you great comfort with a classy touch (like adding a spice & taste in your food with a pinch of Masala). The most interesting fact is that these type of shoes are "Unisex" and anyone can wear them and flaunt their charm towards each other.

Neon Pink&green Unisex Nike Shoes 

Friends, you can find these sort of shoes in one of the well-known verse brand "NIKE".You can easily opt for them as they look so stylish and comfort too.

So, as my blogs says, "Fashion is comfort, just go out and buy these amazingly comfortable and fashionable shoes rather than focusing and wearing the Old trendy Black & White Shoes".

Black &Orange Unisex Nike shoes 

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Fashion is to be comfortable

Hello friends

Usually we think that fashion is wearing good,classy clothes,accessories,shoes etc our mind carries an image that fashion is to follow what is in trend, no matter whether that thing suits us or not. Girls are always in dilemma what to wear and what not to wear but in following trends they actually make blunders with their dressing styles.

Wearing good, following trends is not bad but everyone should know this that we should never  follow fashion blindly because its the way you present yourself in front of this judgemental world. You are women who have all rights to wear anything you like or want to wear, dont make a heard of sheep and follow what others do. Be your own stylists, remember no one can judge your dressing style till you are comfortable and confident enough in what you are wearing

why to wear those cranky dresses or flary/flashy ghagras when you actually want to wear a comfortable jeans and a t-shirt. Who says fashion is always in wearing backless and off-shoulder dresses? trust me you lovely ladies you can be as stylish and as beautiful in a simple suit's or jeans as well, its just be comfortable in what you are wearing! Always see your comfort before fashion and trust me  your dressing will itself become a fashion, if you will carry yourself with a great poise. Never forget that you are a women who can look lovely anytime she want to and in anything she want to wear, so go ahead and stop following the fashion trends. Make your own style be your own designer!!! 

Be Elegant Be You